EV Charging Services


We offer expert support to help our customers understand the available EV options, including performance profile and total cost of ownership. We’re in the know when it comes to identifying our customers’ current and future EV charging needs, and developing individually tailored solutions to meet cost and performance requirements.

Hardware supply

We can supply EV charging hardware for any use case, tailored to your specific needs at your individual sites. Hardware options include wall or floor-mounted charge points, smart (data connected) or stand-alone, with power ratings ranging from 3kW to 150kW.


We can assess your sites for available power capacity, and help in securing any necessary permissions and upgrades. And we’ll handle all aspects of the hardware installation, ensuring a smooth process with minimum disruption during the works.

Operation and maintenance

From regular maintenance and repair services, to network operation and customer support, we keep your chargers working to keep your employees and customers on the road.

IT services

Our charge point network management software ensures you have full control over who has access to your EV chargers and provides detailed usage records for every charger. This gives you the flexibility and control to bill users and understand usage, including power consumption.

Energy services

We’ll make sure your EV charging hardware integrates with your wider energy requirements, including load management, energy storage and on-site generation.

Electricity supply

As one of the UK’s largest energy suppliers we can ensure your EV charging network is supplied with power, on terms that suit you – including time of use and renewable energy supply options.